are you old enough?

let your success make the noise

continuing the legacy of producing with passion the best tequila since 1942, casa pujol 87 blends youth with heritage to transform success into new borderless experiences.

go further, build enigmas.


success has
a new taste


gray shaded crystalline and shiny, great body silvers.


predominant cooked agave aromas with a delicate touch of caramel, coffee, vanilla and fruity notes.


highlighted cooked agave taste with balanced sweetness and bitterness.


soft and velvety, with a long mouth end.

always delivers
more than expected

the elegance, quality and good taste of casa pujol 87 transform the concept of tequila into pleasurable adventures.

the simplicity and design turn the brand into high standard human heritage.


rediscovering the mixed drinks, traditional and modern at perfect harmony.

our legacy

casa pujol 87 vibrates with youth, leaving unforgettable footprints on their journeys. the legacy of the brand preserves the omnipresence of the way we cross limits through passionate steps.

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